Daisy garden cupcakes

There’s been a slight delay in getting things really going here as somewhere between baking bread and this post, I got a new job and moved from Brisbane to Sydney. But I’m back now and here are some pictures of the last lot of cupcakes I made before leaving Brisbane.

For me, this is one of the simplest icing patterns to do. I made the cakes flat on top (this is done by swirling the mixture flat with the end of a spoon after it goes into the patty pans) and iced them with thick butter cream icing. While I am a big fan of smooth and neat fondant for this design, sometimes the effect of running a hot knife roughly over wet icing looks great too.

So, I rough iced these with light green butter cream (grass) and then made white fondant daisies with yellow middles. I attached them in random places, piped a few white lines and a big ‘E’ for the birthday girl, and voila!

I like this design so much that I’ve just repeated it this weekend on a batch of cakes made for my new workmates.

There’s lots of other food related fun happening for me at the moment, most of which is related to moving to Sydney and starting to discover places to eat and shop, coming to grips with the size of my kitchen (so much smaller than my Brisbane place), and cooking for just myself instead of for three.

So many good and tasty things to come!

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