Meeting Manu

In my second week of living in Sydney, I met my favourite celebrity chef, Manu Feildel. It was at Shearer’s Books in Leichhardt, on the last appearance of Manu’s book tour for his new cookbook, Manu’s French Kitchen.

I have been waiting for Manu to release a cookbook for over a year. Last year, at the Brisbane Good Food and Wine show, I was disappointed that there wasn’t a chance for me to meet him, just to say hello, because he didn’t have a book (I was also disappointed with the celebrity theatre, but that’s another story).

Manu is funny, charming, and extremely passionate about food. There’s something extremely sexy about a man with a French accent who can cook—there was a lot of swooning going on. And, almost every woman in the place got the giggles when he announced he would give kisses to anyone who bought his book.

The book is lovely and has a lot of really good, easy to cook recipes. At the moment, with winter approaching, I’m working my way through the soups and trying to decide which ones are the favourites to put on high rotation for the colder months. So far? They’re all a big bowlful of yum.

Meanwhile, Channel 7 is advertising for contestants to go on the next season of My Kitchen Rules. Last year, I did the ring around and all of my cooking-inclined friends were too frightened to do it. They quickly talked me out of it by reminding me that I’d have to eat meat at the Instant Restaurant rounds. This year, I think my love for food and cooking has come so far that I would go off the semi-vegetarian to do it. Pity I don’t know anyone in Sydney yet.

Oh well, here’s hoping there will be a fourth season.

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