Alice in Wonderland cupcakes.

I have been a bit lax in posting, but not in baking. I’m going to rush to catch up on some of my recent creations.

Firstly, a few months ago, a good friend finished up at my work. She loves all things Alice in Wonderland, so for her goodbye cakes, I created some Alice cupcakes. I used Planet Cake’s Alice down the rabbit hole cakes as a model, but as their designs aren’t strictly, story book Alice accurate, I added some of my own touches. I did try to make Alice’s legs black-and-white striped but I used the wrong paint and it wouldn’t dry. So I had to go back to flesh coloured legs. Here’s what the stockinged legs looked like before I pulled them apart:

I also had ‘bunny bums’ which was just the rabbit’s backside heading down the rabbit hole. After having fiddled around last Easter to make full bunnies, just doing their bottoms, two legs and tails was a cinch. There were also cards, teapots and cups, and Mad Hatter’s hats.

I actually can’t wait to do these ones again! I need someone to have an Alice themed party. Any takers?

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