Mailman’s 40 years of service

My work is never short of an occasion or three for me to make cakes for. In a busy week I was asked to make something special for the company’s mailroom manager who was celebrating 40 years in his job.

I decided to keep things simple and made a number of packages and envelopes from fondant and used a ruched square cutter to make ’40c’ stamps (for 40 years). I stuck them on brightly covered yellow and blue cakes.

The centrepiece was a cake with a fondant mailman (modelled as best I could on the guest of honour) clutching an envelope.

This was my first time making a fondant person and I went through several stages before I reached a model I was happy with. I can’t wait to make more people because I know the details (especially fingers, which I left off the mailman) will get better each time.

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