Blue and Yellow Gingham Picnic

Being a lover of all things gingham and a spring baby, it was pretty easy to decide what to do for my birthday this year and how to theme it. Well, actually, I saw these gingham dress biscuits which were made by a lady called Jeannie and featured on Amy Atlas’s blog, and I pretty much fell in love.

The gingham dress biscuits are obviously printed (how much do I want an icing printer?!), but with a bit of advice from the lovely Annie at my cake supply shop, Sweet Deliveries, I managed to make hand-painted dress biscuits that at least look a bit like a gingham dress:

I love theming parties, and I had so much fun hunting for jars and blue and yellow lollies (pale blue was really, really hard to find), sewing bunting and pulling red gingham lining out of an old picnic basket and replacing it with my blue gingham. My sister made the blue and yellow poms from tissue paper and my friend Jo made blueberry and lemon sherbert macarons. I baked vanilla cupcakes (because I wouldn’t be a cupcake queen if I didn’t make cupcakes at my own party) and made strawberries and cream whoopie pies. I think the end result was pretty terrific:

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