In the Garden Biscuits and Cupcakes

I love cake decorating (clearly) but I am one of those strange people who doesn’t really like to eat cake. What I do like to eat are homemade biscuits. My favourite recipe, is for my nanna’s Christmas biscuits. They’re really just a plain, sugar cookie that go well with butter icing or fondant icing and are best eaten with a cup of tea. My dad loves them with icing on the top and with two biscuits jammed together with his mother’s raspberry jam. Mmmmm.

When I was asked to bake some things to sell at the Milson Community Garden Bake Sale a couple of weeks ago, and volunteered cupcakes, the reaction wasn’t what I’d expected. “Lots of people make cupcakes,” I was told. “Can you do something different?”

Stubbornly, I still made cupcakes (double chocolate with hand-painted butterflies).
Butterfly Garden CupcakesIn the Garden Cakes

But I also did the requested something different. I decided it was a good chance to show off that I’m not just a cake decorator (and have a chance to actually eat something that I’ve baked!), so I made a batch of Christmas biscuits and cut them out with insect shapes. I painted the detailing with shimmery lustre dusts and packaged them up.

I was very pleased when customers at the bake sale kept telling me that my biscuits were lovely and worth more than what we had ticketed them for. I’ve also managed to book a job to produce some Christmas biscuits with actual Christmas shapes in the next few weeks. Success!
My haul of baking for the saleDaisies and ButterfliesCaterpillar biscuits

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