Sweet! Afternoon tea from Sally Wise

I’ve got a couple of biggish cake jobs coming up and I’ve been avoiding baking, or shopping for that matter, until it’s time to actually start cooking. But ABC Books had other ideas. Sweet! a new recipe book filled with sweet treats by bestselling author,  Sally Wise comes out in April and they’ve slipped me an advance copy. With a day off and a new cookbook, I went to the kitchen.

There’s a lot out of this book that I can’t wait to make. There’s a never-fail scone recipe, that me, the person who has made several failing batches of scones, really needs. Sally’s coconut ice recipe looks irresistible and I had no idea it was so easy to make Turkish Delight. But, the one thing that I find is a good test of a new recipe book is trying out the biscuit recipes. Some recipes, I find, yields biscuits that are too soft and others far too crunchy.

I went straight to the choc chip biscuits and whipped up a batch of Sally’s Double Choc Chip Cookies. Because I’ve been avoiding the grocery shop, I only had white chocolate chips and so I doubled up on these. The result was pretty irresistible–definitely somewhere in between the too crunchy and too soft and completely delicious.


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