Bankstown Bites 2012

One of the first posts I made on this blog was about the Bankstown Bites Food Festival. It’s not quite been a year since the festival, but last weekend, my cousin and I headed off to the festival for what I think is going to be an annual visit for us.

A few weeks before we’d jumped on the computer and shortlisted our tours, aiming to go on the food tours that we hadn’t been on last year. In that respect, we were lucky. But the festival has definitely grown in popularity and we could only manage to book into one tour.

When we got to the new festival site, it was obvious just how popular it had become compared to last year. We arrived early, heading for the Turkish coffee stand that we’d visited last year. There were many, many more people there early  than last year. We signed up for our tour and managed to get ourselves booked on a second tour in the middle of the day.

The first tour was orange – ‘Tasty Treats from the Middle East.’ We started at the Jasmine Bakery and had lovely pizza (for breakfast). From there, we headed to Mazaya Egyptian Restaurant where we feasted on buttery Egyptian rice, char-grilled chicken, Egyptian Lasagne, dips, and bread. Everything was homemade in the restaurant and it was delicious. After that, we went to Baklava heaven, also known as Chehade El Bahsa & Sons Sweets. This place has rows and rows of delicious sweets.

We explored the vendors at the festival site and tried a macaron (definitely not the best macaron I’ve ever had), and picked up a few bits and pieces and then rushed off to join tour number two.

Our second tour was the white tour – ‘World of Flavours.’ We started at the Loving Hut Vegetarian Restaurant where we were served vegetarian prawns, Vietnamese sour soup, tofu and, best of all, some yummy creme caramel for dessert. Then, definitely starting to feel a little bit not hungry, we headed on to Coffee Boss. Coffee Boss hasn’t been in Bankstown for very long, but I bet it stays for a very long time. We were served a sample of their all-day breakfast. The meat-eaters were given a poached egg on Turkish bread and a sausage pastry. The vegetarians (which sort of includes me – I don’t eat red meat) were given the egg on bread, but instead of the pastry, we had the most amazing fattoush salad with crunchy baked bread flakes and, best of all, pomegranate. It was without a doubt, the best salad I have ever eaten.

Our last stop of the day was BC Homestyle Bakery, the one and only place that we’d been to on our tours last year. We had a couple of samples of yummy baked goods and then, instead of trying to get on a third tour, cousin Matt and I decided to admit defeat (in the form of full tummies) and headed back home.

Until next year.

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