Christmas planning

My little Australian Thanksgiving is over; the dishes are done, the leftovers have been packed into Tupperware, and I’ve taken down the beautiful decorations and packed them up for next year (because this is most certainly becoming a tradition for me). And now, a day later, I’m sitting here with a full belly, and a zillion baking blogs and websites open. I’ve got the choc mint notebook out and I’ve been jotting down ideas for Christmas. Yep, my apartment still smells of pumpkin and spices and yet, I’ve moved on to the next holiday.

I have high hopes that in the next few years I’ll start getting the family invading me down here in Sydney for Christmas (which is a sure sign of someone who has never had the family invade them for the holidays), but while Mum works in retail it’s just not possible for her to take time off, so it’s up to me to travel for the break. I can’t wait. Mum is a wonderful party organiser who is perhaps the only person in the world more organised and detail-oriented than me.

This year, we’re both dreaming of a quiet, fuss-free Christmas Day. For lunch, Mum, Dad, Jack (the dog), and I will pack up the picnic basket and go for a drive somewhere. Where? I don’t know. But I’m now thinking about picnic food. We will need to have turkey sandwiches of course, but I’m also thinking my iced Christmas biscuits (jammed together with homemade raspberry jam), some sort of a brownie, fresh fruit (the best part about Australian Christmases is that the summer stone fruit cherries, peaches, and apricots are in season), and slices of rich, dark fruit cake.

 Jack at the end of the day last Christmas

After the picnic, we’ll head for home and have a low-key turkey and vegies dinner that might end up being a big family dinner, but will likely just be the four of us picnickers continuing our picnic at home on the lounge room floor with some of my Mum’s special ice-cream Christmas pudding for dessert. After a really busy, sometimes very stressful year, it sounds quiet and relaxing and wonderful. I can’t wait.

Mum's Christmas Ice-cream pudding

But before then, I’ve got full weekends of Christmas gift selling at the kitchenware store through December, a few Christmas hampers to make for some lovely clients, edible Christmas gifts to make for my wonderful friends and co-workers at both jobs, and a 12 hour drive from Sydney to Brisbane (that I want to have a huge hamper of road trip food). So it’s back to making lists and planning out my time for the next month!

Some Christmas biscuits from my hampers in 2010

What are your plans for Christmas day?

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