Christmas baking

It’s not Christmas if I don’t bake.

There are lots of things I have to do at Christmas time to get into the Christmas spirit, but baking is the most important part of that. When I live in America, I didn’t really have anyone to bake for but my housemate and the people I spent Christmas Day with, but I still spent hours in the kitchen just so I could capture that Christmas feeling.


This past weekend I was in the kitchen three nights until after midnight baking and decorating cookies and cakes. I watched three Christmas movies, got a bit hyper eating sugar and had a lovely time. I was by myself and a few days off leaving to go home for Christmas, but this was really the start of Christmas for me.

So, what did I make?

Every year I make Christmas biscuits with my Nan’s recipe. These are my go-to sugar cookie throughout the year as they are one of the only recipes that I find consistent with the amount of biscuits I get out of each batch, how well they hold their shape in the oven and how sturdy they are when I package them and deliver. I made a mixture of shapes and iced some with fondant which I either stamped with a Christmas embosser stamp and then sprayed with lustre mist, or hand drew Christmas designs on with an edible marker.

Lustre sprayed cookies

Inspired by one of my most favourite baking blogs, Raspberri Cupcakes, I decided to borrow Steph’s idea of cherry icing from her recent Ginger Shortbread with Cherry icing post and sandwich some of my Christmas biscuits together with a pink, cherry-flavoured icing. Judging by the amount of biscuits that made it only as far as my mouth, this was a grand success.

Christmas trees with cherry icing

I also went on the search for a great gingerbread recipe and was impressed with the first one I tried (which funnily enough, was on the back of a greeting card!), and made two huge batches of gingerbread. I cut them out with a scottie dog/westie cutter and iced them with white white icing (does everyone know about white white icing?) and gave them a holly leaf bow. I called these “Gingerbread Jacks” in honour of my family’s lovely little white westie, Jack.

Gingerbread JacksThe real Jack

I am leaving to drive to Brisbane tomorrow, so there probably won’t be any more posts from me for the Christmas period. So, wishing all my readers (and while you’re not commenting, I know you’re reading!) a Merry, baking-filled, Christmas and Happy New Year.


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