The Macaron Challenge: Milo Macarons

It was seeing Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes recent guest post on Kidspot where she made Milo flavoured macarons that motivated me to master the macaron. Before I saw these yummy-looking treats, I’d look at macaron recipes and think: “I should try making them again,” but never actually did anything about it. But Milo is a current weakness for me, so I bought some almond meal and gave it a shot.

Admittedly, I felt boosted by the success of part one of the macaron challenge, the packet Zumberon. While all the ingredients in the packet mix were measured, I still had to make sure my equipment was sterilised, sift the almond meal, pipe the circles and pray they grew feet. I felt, by the end of cooking the Zumberons, that I’d started to master some parts of the technique.

I think it was enough to give me a feel for how macarons would react in my oven (because I’m in a new place with a new oven), get a feel for piping technique and, most importantly, the thrill of seeing them look like macs you buy at a store. So, a couple of weekends ago, I spent the afternoon making Milo Macarons.

Not completely confident with piping them to size, I spent a lot of time prepping the trays by drawing circles onto my baking paper, using the stencil that came in the Zumberons box. While Steph’s recipe says that it yields 12-15 macarons, I tend to like my macs very small and bite-sized, so I prepped quite a few trays to allow for the extra mix.

I also had to wait for my egg whites to reach room temperature, so while I was waiting I did a vinegar cleanse on all the mixing bowls in my cupboard, just to be sure that no traces of anything my meringues could react to was left on them.

Vinegar rinse
Vinegar rinse

Prepared trays
Prepared trays

I read through the recipe several times, measured out all my ingredients and followed the instructions to the absolute letter.

Folding meringue into the almond meal mix...carefully
Folding meringue into the almond meal mix…carefully

The piped macarons resting
The piped macarons resting

I wasn’t 100% happy with how even I’d piped the macarons, I had trouble getting the mix not to flick into a little tail as I pulled the bag away.

Nervously, I started putting them in the oven and sat on the floor to wait and see if they formed feet. When it happened, well, queue happy dance:

Just out of the oven macs
Just out of the oven

I was so happy with how they looked. Not perfect, some of them were a little bit on the hollow side, but most of them were a good size, a nice consistency and, once I whipped up the Milo ganache, they tasted freaking awesome!!

Milo Macs

Milo Macs finished

So, all in all, I’m feeling much more confident about macarons after this! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Steph!

I’ve bought a bunch of different flavourings and can’t wait to experiment some more!

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