AFL cookies: Geelong jerseys and AFL footballs

At Harvey’s birthday party, I was introduced to my colleague’s son Mitchell. Mitchell and his big brother Noah had an AFL party coming up in July and I’d been booked in to make some AFL cookies for the day. Unfortunately, however, I know nothing about AFL so when I told Mitchell he’d need to give me a bit of a lesson, his eyes widened and he looked kind of horrified. How could anyone not know about AFL?!

I still don’t know much more about AFL, but I did manage to make some Geelong jerseys and AFL Football biscuits that the boys really liked.

The jerseys were fairly challenging to make. I couldn’t find a cutter anywhere, then decided I’d have to get a t-shirt shape and cut the arms off, but then I couldn’t find one of those to be shipped at short notice either! In the end, I went through every single cutter on Sweet Themes and picked out a groomsmen’s jacket and a baby onesie cutter. Impressively they arrived the day after I’d ordered them, leaving me with lots of time to decide how I was going to approach the jerseys.

Food table

After some careful consideration, I went with the baby onesie, cutting the arms off with a sort of curved motion to mimic the shape of a jersey’s arm holes, and cutting the pants off. It was easy to get the fondant right because it’s pliable and isn’t too fragile to mould into shape, but the cookies were another story!

The lovely Sascha

Usually when I’m making cookie toppers, I’ll finish them off completely before I even think about baking the cookies. But with these ones, I couldn’t make the final cut on the toppers (which was to chop off the pants part of the onesie) until I saw how high up I’d cut them on the biscuits. So I had a bit of a process to make the biscuits, then match the fondant top with the cookie, then chop the bottoms off before I started decorating.

I mixed up a huge batch of navy fondant and tried using them to make the stripes on each jersey, but after my first one I thought something was off. There was nothing wrong with how I’d done it, it just didn’t look right. So I used an edible marker and a ruler to draw lines on the white, then filled them in with navy blue Americolor gel colouring. The paint brush allowed more room for detail, so I was able to add a band around the sleeves and the collar.



I’m pretty happy with the result, especially when I look at these pictures next to my last AFL-related baking (which was a total disaster, one that was so not blog-worthy)! The only downside to using the gel colour was the blue mouths it left all the kids with! Sorry to all the mums who had to scrub their blue-mouthed children after the party!

Blue mouth!IMG_8358

Thanks to the lovely Belinda for being my official photographer. If you’d like to view the rest of the pictures, make sure you like my Facebook page.

(Pictures all posted with kids’ and parents’ permission)

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