Birthday cakes and some housekeeping…

Before I get to the pretties, I need to talk about a few housekeeping things.

In the last year, pretty much since my Birthday High Tea was featured over on the Little Big Company’s Blog, Choc Mint Cupcake has been steadily growing. It might not be obvious to you as a reader — you can see that I still only get a few likes and comments on the occasional post — but behind the scenes, I can tell you that I’m getting a lot more traffic and a lot more steady interaction. This is awesome and I couldn’t be happier about how things are going here.

But what I’ve been noticing lately is that I’m getting a bunch of comments and emails from companies trying to hijack my posts. I’ve had emails awarding me “badges” for the quality of my parties, but that have hidden, embedded links to stores that I haven’t actually used to buy supplies for the party they’ve “rewarded” me for and I’ve had comments on posts saying: “The writer has tried to do this, but they’ve left me out and I’ve got the best partyware store in Australia…”

So, here’s the lowdown. If you run or know about a partyware store, a cake decorating supply store, or anything else that you think that I and my readers might be interested in, feel free to send me an email or drop me a comment suggesting that I check the site out. I can promise you that I am always on the lookout for new suppliers and I’ll always at the very least, have a look at what you’ve got. If I’ve got an event coming up and you’re selling something I need at a price I like then I’ll probably order from you, and if I’ve enjoyed the experience or think you have something great to offer, then I’ll also probably recommend your company.

But comments and emails that attempt to hijack my posts won’t be added to the blog. What I’m saying is, do it in the right way and I’ll respond and maybe give you a plug. Do it in the wrong way and your comment will be deleted. 

EVERY post that I make, such as my recent Cake Recs post, is organic — it’s my opinion on a store or a company that I have used and would recommend to my friends, family and you, dear reader, based on my experiences. At this stage, I am not paid or sponsored for any post (this is in keeping with WordPress’ terms of service and may change in the future). If I review a book and have been given it to review by a publisher, I will ALWAYS let you know.

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about cake…

Birthday cakes

For my Birthday this year, I wanted to make two cakes off Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes’ blog: her Milo cake with condensed milk icing and her orange cake with fruit tingle icing. I didn’t know why I wanted to make two cakes — I don’t really eat cake myself and I wasn’t having a party. So, but still, I battled along, made two cakes. In the end I took one to my birthday dinner at a lovely restaurant (the fruit tingle cake) and gave the other to a friend who was also having a birthday that week.

Milo cake

I adapted Steph’s fruit tingle icing slightly because I’m not a big fan of really buttery frostings. So instead, I made a white chocolate ganache and put the pulverised fruit tingles into it. It was a really nice match with the orange cake and the people at the restaurant made some lime sorbet to go with it. I didn’t get to eat the Milo cake in the end, but the Milo ganache is so incredible, I knew the cake would have been too! If you like Milo or Fruit Tingles (or cake for that matter, check out Steph’s blog, it’s one of my favourites).



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