Avengers cookies and Minion cupcakes

It’s been a busy couple of weeks both in and out of the kitchen.

Usually, I am quite good at spending half an hour here and there when I have free time making different components for various projects. For example, last week, I had some cupcakes due for a birthday on Monday, so last week I coloured some fondant after work, started rolling some basic shapes for the decorations and baked and fresh-froze the batch of cakes. Ordinarily, I won’t work from frozen at all, but sometimes the time constraints mean that I would spend an entire weekend not sleeping in order to get cakes done!

But then the week got away from me and I realised on Thursday that I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday morning and hadn’t made anything to take. So Friday night was spent in the kitchen. I whipped up a batch of my vanilla cookies, iced them with regular butter icing and then had a production line of dyeing fondant and making each of the tiny components of these Avengers cookies for my more-super-hero crazed-than-me friend, Miss K.

Avengers cookies

I’m really happy with how they came out, especially for a late night effort. There are things that I’d change and refine if I made these again; I’d make sure to cut out everything with a straight edge with a cutter rather than hand cut with a scalpel the way I did here, I’d do a few more designs like a spider for Black Widow and maybe some more faces than just the Iron Man one. But Miss K was pleased, which was the point!

Avengers cookies 2

I spent the rest of the weekend getting the cupcakes for Monday organised. I was pretty excited about these ones — a couple of months ago when I was making the AFL Cookies for Noah and Mitchell’s birthday, the boys’ dad (who is the CEO of my company), emailed me a link to a ‘how to make fondant Minions’ tutorial. Minions didn’t really sit with the AFL theme for the boys’ birthdays, so instead, I cooked up a plan with his wife for me to surprise him with Minion cupcakes for his birthday.


I don’t usually make a full set of 3D topped cakes, but I couldn’t decide what else to do, so Sunday afternoon was spent making a dozen minions. They weren’t too difficult to make, with the biggest challenge being working out how to get the silver rim around their goggles. In the end, I stuck white circles of fondant on for the eyes, then painted them entirely silver before adding a second white and the pupil. It worked better than trying to be precise and have a steady hand with the paintbrush!


Again, this is another job that I’m really happy with the result of and I know the birthday boy (and the kids) were pleased with them too.

So, these two projects basically marked the end of the non-holiday baking season for me. I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve, but pretty much from here until the end of the year it’ll be all about the holidays (my favourite baking time!)


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