Peppermint Patties (also with a pumpkin variation)

Obviously, I love mint flavour, so at Christmas time I find it hard to resist any combination of chocolate and mint. For Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago I made a batch of delicious Pumpkin flavoured chocolate patties. They were so delicious that I couldn’t resist trying out the mint ones for Christmas presents!

Peppermint patties

My recipe is adapted from this one on Savory Sweet Life. It’s basically the same, I just worked with smaller quantities, mainly because at Thanksgiving I made the full batch and ended up with about 50 pumpkin patties and I just don’t have room in the fridge at the moment for 50 patties. But also, smaller amounts mean less temptation around for my sweet mint tooth which is kinder on my ProPoints allowance.

So, the half quantities I used for my patties was:

  • 200g condensed milk (average tin size is around 400g, so you’re going to be using half – save the other half a can in the fridge for the next recipe, coming up in the next few days!)
  • 225g icing sugar, sifted
  • a few drops of peppermint essence to taste
  • 200g chocolate melts

For the method, please visit the original recipe at Savory Sweet Life. And here are a few additional notes from me:

Patties in progress

  • It might take a while for the condensed milk to melt a bit, but bear with it rather than adding more, it will happen eventually! If you do add more, you’re going to need more setting time.
  • I would add slightly more peppermint essence than you initially think is okay, as the essence will dilute slightly.
  • It was hot when I made mine, so I didn’t need to press them down to get the right shape, they started spreading immediately. Ideally, these should be left in the fridge overnight to set.
  • If you have trouble rolling the balls out, wet your hands just a little bit.
  • When you get to the point where you’re covering your patties with the melted chocolate, mine kept falling apart because of the heat. In the end, I found it easier to cover each pattie with chocolate, let it set, then flip it over and coat the other side. They looked better in the end and stopped falling apart on me! (The Queensland temperature has a lot to answer for).
  • I melted around another 50gs of Wilton Red Chocolate melts and piped the chocolate over the top to add some Christmassy colour.

You really need to pay attention to the size of these because they’re effectively sugar mixed with sugar and covered in chocolate, which makes them super, duper rich. My Thanksgiving ones were delicious but too big to eat in one go!

This mix made 20 patties at 4 WeightWatchers ProPoints each. You could definitely make these smaller to reduce the points (and get more out of it). Given the richness, you could even halve one and split it out as a snack with your cuppa over two days! That’s what I did.

The recipe for the lovely pumpkin variation is here on I am Baker’s blog (or on my Thanksgiving Pinterest board here). If you’re making the pumpkin sort and you’re in Australia, be warned, no one I could find stocked pumpkin essence and I had to order off Amazon and have it shipped to an American friend who then sent it on to me.

Patties 2

To package these, I used cello bags and ribbon. I went with around three patties per bag.

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