Homemade Christmas: Christmas cake and, the end of Christmas baking!

There’s one last shopping day (maybe 24 hours of shopping if you live near one of those Westfields that are doing the overnight shop tonight!), so I’m going to finish off my series on homemade Christmas with a cheat’s project, decorating a store bought Christmas cake.

Snowy night cake

I don’t really like eating cake, but I do eat the occasional piece. However, fruit cake is not something I like at all. It’s too rich and I am not a fan of dried fruit. I have made a fruit cake every year for the last few Christmases, but they are time consuming buggers and this year, I’ve been busy making other stuff. So, I supported my local Lions Club and bought three of their cakes.

Meringue on cake

For my French teacher, I decorated a small cake with a really simple buttercream frosting that I coloured white white (like snow), spread it roughly on the cake, added some white sprinkles (more snow) and made a fondant snowman. You’ve already seen the finished product because it featured one of my Christmas tree meringues. And then I finished it off my giving it a light spray with Wilton lustre spray in pearl (my favourite decorating tool at the moment!)

Cake and coffee

In the past, I have fussed with covering the cake with fondant and stressed over the weather making my icing seize and crack, so this year, taking the simple buttercream approach and sticking to my strengths, fondant modelling, meant it was so much less stress! So, if you’re out of time, why not grab a fruitcake from the supermarket tomorrow, a box of Orchard icing and some sprinkles and put together something simple and cute like this.

Lions’ fruitcakes are 5 ProPoints for a 50g slice, but with icing, I would round that up to 6 ProPoints.

And that’s me done for Christmas! Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by the blog over the Christmas period, I hope you’ll stick around! 2014 will bring some (good) changes to the blog, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Merry Christmas!

Miss Choc Mint

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