Hawthorn AFL Birthday Cupcakes

My cousin, the star macaron baker from Hobart, and her family were recently up in Queensland visiting. Their holiday coincided with her eldest kid’s birthday, so of course, I volunteered to make him some cupcakes for his birthday.

Finished cakes
Jacob Hawthorn

Jacob’s a mega fan of the Hawks, so I got out my trusty football cutter and modified the design from Noah and Mitchell’s birthday biscuits last year, to make some cupcakes this year.
Once again, I decided that painting the stripes on was a far more accurate way of getting the design right than using strips of fondant, and I used Wilton Gel colours. They’re nice and bright and true to colour, but they’re a bit of a pain to get to dry, especially when you start baking and decorating at 11am on the same day as a party!

Finished painting

The thing I was most pleased about with these cakes was that I seem to have (fingers crossed) mastered the dreaded icing swirl. This time, instead of making a traditional butter icing (butter, icing sugar and hot water), I used milk and I whipped it like crazy. I also let it rest in the fridge for about an hour before I started icing so that when the heat from my hands started to warm the icing, it hit the right consistency for piping rather than being right when it went into the bag and going runny in my hands.

Jacob was extra lucky because a friend had made him a batch of cupcakes too. So for the Birthday barbecue, we mixed them all together on the plates. And he loved them! While I’m really getting the hang of this AFL thing, I’d love, love love to get some girl clients so I can play with glitter and fairies and princesses and all those sorts of things.

Stay tuned because, while I’ve been out of the kitchen a lot in the last few months, I’ve got things planned, including the awesome macaron lesson I had with my cousin while she was here!

Birthday Boy

*Pictures of Jacob posted with permission.

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