Camping food: things to take away with you (or put in your lunchbox)

Easter baking is usually just as big a deal for me as Christmas is. But this year, plans to go camping  threw a rather large spanner in the works. We went away in a little caravan, with limited fridge and cupboard space. There was no point in getting the Easter decorations out, or spending hours designing a dessert table. Instead, I prepped some simple, but yum treats we can enjoy over the break that have a good shelf life and don’t involve too decorating. These are also great lunchbox ideas:

1. Melting moments

melting moments

There’s something about these powdery, sweet, soft but not chewy biscuits that gets me every time. I elected to make mine much smaller than a coffee shop-style MM, because while I adore these biscuits, if they’re too big they become hard to eat and messy (not to mention, I always end up inhaling icing sugar and choking). For these, I turned to the trusty Thermomix recipe community and I wasn’t disappointed. For those of you with thermies, this will take you about ten mins from start to getting the biscuits in the oven. For those of you without, probably only slightly longer if your butter is at room temperature when you start creaming. The buttercream is so to die for that I had to resist the urge to eat it out of the bowl with a spoon when it was made, and I’m not usually a sweet tooth. But, that says something about the ratio of butter to sugar. My only qualm was that it was really obvious really early that this wasn’t going to make very many. I would have liked to have had some to take to work and share too, but there just wasn’t enough.

melting moments

2. Mini quiches
My dad calls these “little tarts” and they’re his favourite lunchbox snack. These are one of the quickest and easiest things to make with the only essential ingredients being pastry (we usually use frozen store-bought stuff), egg and either milk or cream. They can be eaten cold or heated in the oven or microwave, which makes them perfect for camping. For Dad, I usually get some bacon pieces, chop up some tomato, onion and cheese and for me, I like feta cheese, roasted pumpkin, pine nuts. But you can pick out anything, really!

All you do is cut out some rounds from sheets of pastry and press into the bottom of a greased muffin tin. Cut up your ingredients and divide between the pastry. Then crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk with a dash of milk or cream (or, if you’re like me, I crack the eggs into a Tupperware shaker, add the cream and shake). I can’t give you quantities here because I never measure. My rule of thumb is just to have lots of cream and eggs on hand and just keep going until you run out of one (or pastry). Then fill the muffin tin almost to the top, covering your ingredients, with the egg. If you’ve used a Tupperware shaker, this is super easy because you can just pour it out.

3. Anzac BiscuitsThese are my favourite biscuits. They’re sweet, crunchy, chewy and moreish. I’ve pretty much made a batch of these a week since Anzac Day and we can’t get enough of them. I used this recipe from the Thermomix recipe community that can easily be converted for those of you who don’t have a Thermie.

Melting moments and Anzacs

4. Condensed milk cookies
When Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella first posted this recipe, I had to try it immediately. These are without a doubt the easiest biscuits I’ve EVER made and they are super yummy. They’re kind of powdery like the melting moments are, but really sweet. Check out the recipe here.

What sorts of foods do you make for camping trips? How about lunchboxes?

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