Jamie’s Ministry of Food: Brisbane cooking classes

Last week was our first class at Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Brisbane. The giant mobile kitchen truck has recently moved to Kelvin Grove’s QUT campus and with them offering 5 week cooking classes for $50 (yep, that’s $10 a class), it was an opportunity too good to miss.


Admittedly, I spent the whole day before our first class worrying that it was going to be too basic for us. These are introductory classes, with a big focus on getting people who don’t cook a lot into the kitchen, and proving that good, healthy cooking isn’t too hard. But even for my friend and I, both of us with a pretty good knowledge of the kitchen, we found that there were lots and lots of tips and techniques that made it a great class for everyone.



The first class was on eggs. We started out by prepping the ingredients for a frittata; wilting our spinach, chopping onion, whisking the eggs. Then, while the frittata was cooking, our instructor showed us how to make a creamy, fluffy scrambled egg without using any cream or milk (It was amazing). We practised boiling eggs from soft to hard (something I never actually do without the use of my egg perfect gadget) and then we did our dishes and had a piece of frittata to take home with us.


If you are interested in cooking, Jamie’s got trucks and kitchens set up all over Australia, and even though I’ve only done one class so far, I really recommend that you visit their website by clicking here and look into signing up! I’ve got four classes to go, so I’ll do a few updates in the coming weeks.


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