In my kitchen this week: tiny cakes and fondant roses

Here’s some more baking! I seem to go through phases where I’ll not bake much and others where there’s scarcely a day when I get in the kitchen without making a cake or a biscuit.

This week, I’ve been prepping for a photoshoot and making things that really showcase what I want Choc Mint Cupcake to be.

Tiny cakes
When I was running through shoot ideas with my mum, she suggested making miniature versions of “big cakes.” It was a good suggestion – because I’ve got to make, transport and set these up for a shoot, and having them be a bit smaller makes everything a little bit less effort.

I’ve had this cookbook from Miette, a pastry shop in San Francisco, for a long time. It’s got this beautiful ‘naked’ chocolate and raspberry cake on the front cover and it’s been a nice styling piece on my dining room table, but it hadn’t so far made it into the kitchen.


For some reason or another, I decided to try this one for the first time for a styling piece. New recipes are not usually something I’d recommend for an important occasion, not if you haven’t tested first, but this one went okay. It took a long time. Firstly, I had to convert everything from US ratios, then, as I did a pre-read I realised I was going to need about five bowls because dry, wet and chocolate had to be mixed separately. My kitchen is tiny, so this was a bit of a drama in itself!

While I’d planned for tiny layer cakes, I hadn’t thought far enough ahead to buy more than one tiny tin, so the mixture had to sit while the cake cooked – and it took far longer than the recipes suggested time of 45minutes, despite the tininess of the cake. So by the time I made my fourth cake, the air had come out of the mixture and it didn’t cook as nicely.

I also had one that flopped right out of the tin and broke, so despite not really liking cake, I ate a little of this one. I’m pretty impressed that the amount of work that went into the cake paid off. It’s quite light and very chocolatey.

After the time it took to make the chocolate cakes, I switched to a quick, no fuss Thermomix recipe to make miniature lemon Bundt cakes. This is a recipe from the Everyday Cookbook, a thermie staple that basically just involves throwing everything in, mixing for a few seconds and pouring into a pan. I got three miniature Bundts out of this. They’re super cute and by all reports, yummy too!

I’m only going to show off baked, unfinished cakes here so you get the full effect of how they look in the photoshoot.

Mini cakes

Fondant roses
This is my second go at making roses from fondant and I found it a lot easier this time. My method’s not perfect, but I like the rough edged, vintage look of my flowers and think they’re good to add a bit of fancy detail. I think the next time around, I’ll press them out a bit thinner and try and open the roses out a bit sooner.


If you want to have a go, there are lots of tutorials online, and my cutters are Kitchen Craft brand (originally purchased at Robins Kitchen, but they don’t seem to stock them anymore). I found the tutorials really easy to follow.

And that’s it for this week!

I’ll have more information about the photos and what I’m using them for in a very short time…

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