This week in my kitchen: Snacks, Jamie’s steak & mushroom sauce and Rock Climbing themed cookies

I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time lately and have found myself reaching for packets, boxes, and lazier options when it comes to meals and snacks. It struck me as ridiculous, considering that I have a Thermomix and can blitz up snacks and meals that are a lot better for me. So instead of pinning recipes endlessly to my Pinterest board and thinking about things I’m going to make when I have time, I got in and did it.

I started with a something sweet that I could munch on in the evenings if I felt like something after I’ve eaten dinner. I whipped up a batch of apricot bites from The Road to Loving My Thermomixer (noticing a theme here? Peta’s site is my go-to for recipe ideas lately!)

Peta’s done the hard work of working out how much you save money wise and sugar wise. It’s a big difference. I didn’t have quite enough dried apricots in my cupboard, so I cut all the ingredients down by about 20 % which yielded around the same slices as Peta’s recipe (40), but they were very thin and I cut teeny tiny pieces which ProPointed out to 1 pt per piece.

I’d definitely say this is comparable to the store-bought version, and actually, they don’t hurt my teeth as much so that must speak to the reduction in sugar. And seeing this one, lonely and AWFUL picture I took of my apricot bites has reminded me just how much I need a decent camera!


I also whipped up one of Peta’s 10 Second Coconut Breads and cut it into teeny tiny 2 ProPoint slices. I individually wrapped each one and froze them in a big container to make it easy to take for lunch. So now, when I pack my lunch, I throw one of these in and by the time the coffee van’s arrived at the office, it’s perfectly defrosted. I know it’s a tiny slice, but I’ve been eating with a couple of dates and have found that’s all I need to tide me over until lunch time. Also, Peta’s just posted a recipe for a coconut rough version of this bread, so can’t wait to try that one next week!


That’s only two new snacks that I’ve introduced into my routine, and so far, I’ve been finding it much easier to avoid morning teas and the vending machines at work because I know I’ve got something nice in my lunchbox to enjoy!

I had my last birthday party of the “season” to bake for this week, Noah’s rock climbing party. I must admit that when Noah’s mum told me the party was rock climbing, I had no idea what I was going to make for his biscuits. But a quick visit to Pinterest had me all sorted and I fixed these toppers up in no time. It was nice because using round or square bases means it’s easier to fit more cookies into a sheet, so I had the cookies baked in less than an hour.


I also got Noah’s mum hooked on Pinterest, where she found a great idea for his birthday cake. She baked a stack of cupcakes and we stuck them to a cake board and iced them together with grey icing. I made a fondant Noah and she decorated the cake (s) with Smarties for the hand holds and Nerds rope for the guide ropes. It looks awesome!


Lastly, this week, week three, at Jamie’s Ministry of Food was Steak and Mushroom Sauce week. I don’t eat steak, but I took along a chicken breast so I could still participate in the class. Again, I was surprised at just how easy it was to whip up a delicious sauce to transform a boring old chicken breast (or piece of steak) into something really special. I was also surprised at how easy it is to marinate a bit of extra flavour into the meat – I was always under the impression that there was no point marinating if you weren’t going to do it the night before. But our steaks and my chicken just marinated for about 30 minutes before we started cooking them and you could really taste the difference.


I’m feeling sad that there are just two weeks to go!

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