In my kitchen this week: Jamie’s meatballs, Peta’s sausage rolls, Fudgyboombahs and Rick’s burgers

In an effort to get a bit more organised for the week, I’ve gone back to pre-preparing bits and pieces that I can freeze and use for meals during the week. I did a lot of cooking… but not so much photographing, so you’ll mostly have to take my word for it: the food was yum!

You all know by now that I hang out a lot on The Road to Loving My Thermo Mixer and one of the recipes I tried out this week was for Peta’s Thai chicken sausage rolls. I consider myself a bit of a queen of non-red meat sausage rolls and basically whip different sorts together, vegetarian, chicken or turkey, based on whatever’s in my fridge. But this time, I followed a recipe added a few different herbs and spices, some coconut milk and, bam! Deliciousness followed. Serious deliciousness.

I also went back to my recipes that I’ve collected at The Ministry of Food Brisbane, and made the chicken part of the fajitas again. I made the mix and bought some wraps, and during the week if I ran out of lunch or dinner ideas, I just heated the mix and served them in the wraps, with something nice on the side. It was good because the fajita mix was already chocked full of veggies (I made some additions to Jamie’s recipe to compensate for no salad), so I knew I had a complete meal waiting.

Speaking of Jamie, our second-to-last cooking class at MOF was meatballs. Again, being a non-red meat eater, I took along some turkey mince as an alternative. I love, love, loved this meal and have some in the freezer which I actually can’t wait to eat. I picked up some hints, such as using crackers as a binding agent if you don’t have breadcrumbs on hand (and substituting for rice crackers for those who are gluten free).

And then, to end the week, I headed off for a night away up in Palmwoods. My friends cooked a delicious dinner (the crowning glory being a maple syrup tart – yum!). Then, on Sunday morning, after pancakes for breakkie, we headed up to Montville.

I love homemade fudge, so the highlight of our wander down the main street, was when they took me into Fudgyboombahs. It was nice to talk to the owner of the store, who commended my choice of a raspberry mint fudge, and told me where he came up with the (delicious) flavour combination. I also really, really loved that for fudges like custard tart, there was a pastry-flavoured fudge layer topped with the custard flavoured layer. And licorice all sorts, looked like a licorice all sort. The owner told me that one of the beauties of doing this was that people who couldn’t eat gluten could technically have a slice of pie! It’s pretty awesome that Fudgyboombahs also has an online store, which means, I’ve definitely added a new supplier to my party catering list (I’m having visions of how awesome fudge could look on a dessert table right now).

After Montville, we went back to Palmwoods and visited Rick’s Garage/Diner. Where the burgers were huge and delicious and YUM and the milkshakes were fabulous! I can’t wait to go back here again when there’s a band playing.

As this is my first “original” post on the new site, a quick thanks to all of you who are new to the blog and to everyone who shared the re-branded Choc Mint Cupcake on social media this week. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover, a blog you think I should check out, then make sure you let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email.

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