Eat Street Markets

I am really sorry for the quietness around here lately. Sometimes, life gets in the way of kitchen time, and I’ve had an annoying injured foot for just over a month that has stopped me doing much cooking. But I’m back! And I’m here to talk about one of my new favourite places.

At the end of last year, something glorious popped up in Brisbane. A market that’s down by the waterfront with most of the stalls being dedicated to food. It’s the Eat Street Markets, which is a whole plethora of food trucks, vans, kitchens set up in shipping containers selling everything from gourmet Tasmanian scallop pies (which I never knew I was missing until I got back to Tassie a few months ago) to pizzas and fish and chips.

Tasmanian Gourmet Food Company – home of the scallop pie!

With fairy lights, shipping containers, recycled crates and equipment as tables and chairs, it’s a beautifully decorated market that has buckets of atmosphere the second you walk in. You can get gourmet foods without the gourmet prices and there’s more choice than I could wrap my head around. It’s trendy without being too over the top and there’s nothing at all like it in Brisbane.

Roti being made

The markets have grown a lot since those early days and I was surprised to see just how many choices there were on a recent trip. I was a bit overwhelmed by choice, to be honest, and wanted to try a few small things rather than having one big meal. My sister, who is a coeliac, was pretty happy to find there were so many choices for gluten free people, including an entire stand of gluten free doughnuts.

Despite the temptation of going straight to sweets (Cronuts! Crepes! Italian hot chocolate!), the last couple of times I’ve visited, we’ve forced ourselves to try things like dumplings, scallop pies, pizzas, and gourmet sausages. I’ve had some amazing stuffed roti while my sister munched on a gluten free, wood fired pizza. And then we let loose on the sweets!

Little Italy (which is run by Jake and Elle from My Kitchen Rules) has lovely sweerts like a GF baked cheesecake, cups of Italian hot chocolate and delicious cannolis. One adventurous foodie in our group tried out the Caramello Koala burger at Howzat Burger while we watched!

Scallop pie

I’m already planning what I’m going to eat next time we go. But the great thing about these markets is that stalls are changing, so there’s an ever-changing variety of cuisines to explore.

A truck full of cronuts ready to go

Have you been before? What did you think? What are your must-try stands?

If you’re in Brisbane and haven’t been before, what are you waiting for? And if you’re planning a visit to Brisbane, this is a must-do Friday, Saturday or Sunday activity. For more info check out:

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