Cake Expo Brisbane

Last weekend marked the first Cake Expo Brisbane. The expo has been really successful down in Melbourne in the past, and I guess that success has encouraged the organisers to bring it here. It was held at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, which made me assume that it would be a small show.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

The first sign it was going to be a busy event was the number of people walking in and out of the hall as we arrived. It took as a few minutes to find a car space, a few more to get inside, and when we got into the convention hall, all I could say was “woah.”

It was packed! It was also not air-conditioned, so being packed on a hot Brisbane Spring day meant it was stifling hot. I felt for the exhibitors.

We didn’t go to see any demonstrations or classes, instead, we were on a mission to find things to make my pop’s 80th Birthday cowboy cake. We also wanted to check out the cake decorating competition.

It was hard work getting around the exhibitors, but with patience you could make it in to each stand to have a look and purchase if you wanted. It was my birthday, but if we’d wanted to actually eat cake at the expo, we were out of luck as most stands were completely sold out. Mum heard one of the vendors say they were almost sold out within the first two hours. They had maybe four cakes left and four hours of the show to go! I imagine that their bakers had a very late night on Saturday baking to replenish their stock.

Not much stock left!

I was a little disappointed there weren’t many show specials. I wanted to stock up on fondant and cutters, but prices were very much on par with what I pay from the suppliers directly, which offered little incentive to open my wallet. That being said, the items I did buy, some cowboy themed cookie cutters from one of my favourite vendors, Sweet Themes, did have a discount. Plus, I didn’t have to pay for shipping, which did reduce the cost.

After we’d had a look around, we lined up to look at the cakes in the decorating competition. When we arrived at the expo, a volunteer handed us some voting tokens, allowing everyone who walked through the door to have their say in which cakes should win. I like this method of voting, and Mum and I took it very seriously. The cakes were really impressive, and while not all of the cakes we voted for won, we were really good at picking what we thought the public opinion would be (and let’s just say, we knew it would swing towards the Frozen cake). (I’m only sharing a few photos here, but I took way too many to clog up a post, so if you’d like to see more, check out my Facebook page:

I enjoyed the expo and will definitely head along again, but I’d hope they’d try and choose a bigger, more air-conditioned venue next time.

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