Country and Western party: Wally’s 80th

There hasn’t been a whole lot of baking going on at my place in the last couple of weeks! Instead, we’ve been party prepping for my pop’s 80th Birthday, which had a country and western theme.

The Birthday Boy in the photobooth

The party planner extraordinaire in this case was not me, but my mum. She’s got an eye for design and a well-practised Pinterest finger, so she planned, designed and shopped for everything (more about Mum coming in a few weeks… we have plans, so stay tuned). I took the role of assistant for this one, but I also did the decorations for the cake (Mum baked it). On the night of the party, I manned the photo booth which was a nice, slightly-less stressful change from my usual role in the kitchen (which Nan directed on the night)!

Set-up was hampered a bit by the weather; thankfully, there was no rain over the weekend, but boy, was it ever windy. We also had a bit of an issue with people arriving waaaay earlier than the invitations said. Can I just say, if you’re a guest at a party, please be mindful of the stress levels of your hosts and don’t arrive before the time on the invite. In this case, a lot of work had gone into the décor and set-up, and for the hosts and planners, it just takes out some of the excitement of arriving to a fully set-up, wonderful party. It also makes it really hard for the photographer (in this case, me) to get pictures of the props and décor (by which I mean I have none).

Okay, rant over. Here are some pictures of the cake.

Pop loves fruit cake, so while I was working at the day job, Mum made a boiled fruit cake. I spent a few weeks before researching cowboy themed cakes and then couple of weekends prepping the 3D topper. We decided to go with a small cake because, by the time cake comes out at parties like this, people are either too full or have had too much to drink to want to eat it. So rather than aiming to feed everyone, this was a “token.” The advantage of it being a fruit cake was that it’ll also last longer than a regular one.

I was really proud of the figures on this. It was the first time I’d ever made a free-standing person and it was also the first time I’d made a horse that was so big and more based off a real horse than a cartoon one (though the cartoony ones have a special place in my heart too).

In the end, it was a great night, the party looked fantastic and we all had a lot of fun! 

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