Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving was a bit of a shemozzle for me this year. First, the restaurant I chose, Southern Attitude on Bulimba’s Oxford Street restaurant strip, told me they would be doing Thanksgiving, then said they weren’t after I’d sent invitations and received RSVPs. After I booked the table, about five other restaurants sent out their Thanksgiving menus, and then on the day before when I went to send confirmation emails, our restaurant released a Thanksgiving menu…

I also felt completely out of control because I didn’t have time to organise favours or decorations, so my mum made this gorgeous harvest basket for me to take along for the table. I started to relax…

And then, at about 430 on Thursday, the world (or just Brisbane) went dark and we were hit by a super storm. Hail, torrential rain and wind, windows blown in, trees down, power outages. It was terrible. For a few of us, we managed to wait it out at work and home and make our way slowly there. But for others, the damage at home was too bad (though there were two who braved two hours in the car for the sake of pumpkin pie).

The storm caused chaos for the restaurant too, so there were a few mix-ups with our food (things not arriving at the same time, about seven million serves of chips arriving), but overall, the meal was pretty good. I do still, however, lament the fact that I haven’t found an American restaurant in Australia that has managed to capture the same level of service you get in the States. The wait staff were friendly, a little flustered (understandable), but kept asking the wrong people questions about their meals, failed to let those who’d ordered sides of fries that their main meals came with sides of fries (resulting in us having about a million sides), and served  at different times (some of us were waiting for fifteen minutes after others had been served), and with some items being a bit cold, and with no apologies about it (whereas in the US, they would have bent over backwards to turn frowns into smiles).

I had a virgin egg nog, which was delicious, but had way too much cream on top (as did other cocktails and drinks – they like their cream gun a bit much!

Turkey with candied pumpkin and macaroni and cheese which was delicious and satisfying for a Thanksgiving meal! Though the gravy was a little on the salty side for me.


And, to finish off, of course we had pumpkin pie for dessert, which I absolutely could not fault (and that I’m glad is a staple menu item).

All-in-all, it was a shemozzle that I think couldn’t hold a candle to a well-organised, cooked with love meal at home, but the food was good, the company even better and I’d like to head back to Southern Attitude when we hadn’t just been hit by a super storm! Next year, however, I hope the stars align and I can host Thanksgiving at home again.

Now it’s 1 December, bring on all the Christmas posts!!

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