The Retro Cooking Project

If you’re a regular reader, then before you go too much further here now, click this link and head over to read my guest post at Sew Retro Rose. Why? Because I’ve launched my new project there first (and I’ve also shared a delicious ‘coco-nut’ cake recipe).

If you’ve read that post already, then thanks for coming to Choc Mint Cupcake to learn more about The Retro Cooking Project.

I’ve been working on this idea for years and the one thing it’s been waiting for is for me to work out some of the parameters and also, get a decent camera. I have a camera now, I have lots of posts in the works and I’m all ready to start.

The Retro Cooking Project is giving me something to focus on here at the blog. I’ll still be posting reviews, talking about the non-retro things I’ve been cooking, and of course, sharing my cake decorating. But if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I keep disappearing from here, and I think it’s because the blog didn’t have a focus. Now it does!

Okay, so what exactly Is The Retro Cooking Project? 
It’s an attempt for me to get back to my cooking roots. I’m an old-fashioned girl, with a growing collection of vintage cookbooks and recipes, but I also have pretty much all the mod cons in my kitchen. In the last year and a bit, I’ve spent more time using my Thermomix, than cooking ‘by hand.’ I think this is fine for a busy lifestyle, but I do worry that the actual skill of cooking is going to be superseded as these amazing kitchen devices get better and better and better.

So I’m going to challenge myself to use my vintage cookbooks and get back to the old way of cooking. I want to discover some new dishes and see some of the more weird and wacky dishes come to life (can anyone say aspic?).

How will it work?
For this project, I don’t just want to look at food from the 50s, I want to look into lots of books, techniques and dishes from different eras, so anything prior to 1980 is fair game.

I also want to go a bit further than simply cooking and showing you photos and recipes. What I’m planning to do is talk a lot about cooking techniques, food memories and the origins of some meals and dishes. I’ve roped some friends into being guinea pigs for a few different projects (including retro dinner parties), and have a bunch of awesome people lined up to be interviewed and talk about their own food memories.

But what this means for you as readers is there here will be regular posts, with purpose. This is me, responding to your feedback, and committing to a posting regularly!

It’s going to be heaps of fun and I can’t wait to get started. You can also get involved by sending me through any vintage recipes that you see and challenging me to cook them (but keep in mind, I don’t eat red meat, so unless it’s a nice roast that my family will eat, I probably won’t be able to justify the expense/waste of cooking strange vintage meat dishes [I will, however, compensate by making some sort of aspic with chicken]).

So, to follow along and make sure you’re updated by subscribing to the mailing list (in the right hand bar), liking on Facebook, or subscribing via bloglovin.

And a huge thanks to Beccie at Sew Retro Rose for letting me launch this project on her blog. Make sure you follow her blog, or connect with her on Facebook! 

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