Bagelsaurus: Cambridge, Massachusetts

On our visit to Forge, one of the girls recommended a bagel store that was making ‘the most amazing bagels ever,’ in Boston. Decent bagels are hard to find in Australia (or at least where I’ve lived in Brisbane and Sydney), so I was keen for the early morning trip to Bagelsaurus.

There was a line, a massive line. The store was started when the owner did a weekly pop-up in a sandwich shop, building a massive following for her homemade sea salt bagels with rosemary honey cream cheese before opening her own store (and significantly growing that following). But the line moved really quickly, the service was good and we got our bagels to go (there was no way we’d have found a table inside). They just sell bagels until they sell out, and I bet they rarely end up with stock leftover.

Because anything other than the occasional poppy seed, or if you’re lucky, blueberry bagel, is a novelty at home, the huge menu was daunting. There were poppy seed, plain,and sea salt, but also exciting flavours like pretzel, onion, cinnamon, cheddar garlic and black olive.

Once I’d made it through the hard decision of choosing a bagel, I then had to work out what sort of cream cheese I wanted (veggie, scallion, honey rosemary), and if I wanted it to add extras like red onion or salmon, or if I wanted a breakfast sandwich with egg and bacon, feta, pickled cabbage and lots of other yummy things. In the end, I settled for a black onion bagel, toasted with scallion cream cheese and smoked salmon.

It was delicious; the sort of bagel that’s crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. But the creamy cheese on the hot bagel made it really messy and not at all photogenic! I’ve snagged a couple of shots from their Facebook so you can drool a bit,  but definitely take my word for it, this place is worth a visit and worth standing in line!

Delicious-looking bagel sandwich Everything bagels
Photos from Bagelsaurus’ Facebook

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