12 Days (and more) of Christmas outfits: week two

Things got a little tougher in week two! I wanted to step it up a bit, but also save some of the more overtly Christmas outfits for the last two weeks of the season.

Monday December 7


If you live on the other side of the world, cherries are not a Christmassy fruit. But here, where it's summer, some of my happiest Christmas memories involve eating cherries, so I started the week with an entirely cherry-based outfit!

Outfit Details

Tuesday December 8


I don't usually wear t-shirts to work, but I've been delivering Christmas gifts to our clients and decided a Christmas t-shirt was appropriate. I was called an Elf more than once while wearing this outfit and I was totally okay with that.

Outfit Details

 T-shirt: Big W (2013 Christmas)
Seams Nostalgic
Miss L Fire Jeannie in Green


Wednesday December 9


Wednesday is usually my day off, so this week it was baking day. I wore leggings, a red and white striped top and my Rudolph apron!

Outfit Details

 Apron: Davis and Waddell (past season) | But check out this season's here
Big W | Similar
Black Milk Matte Leggings

Thursday December 10



Outfit Details

This outfit is almost entirely thrifted, so no details for you! The green 60s/70s dress is one of my favourites, especially for hot summer days. It's a perfect match for my green sandals. 


Friday December 11


I was tired and had lots of running around to do on Friday, so the leggings came out again. But I hope I've shown that you can be comfy and casual and still cute! It was a bit of a cheat day, but I went with a Christmas brooch and earrings with the red belt and red scarf. 

Outfit Details

Shirt: Big W | Similar
Black Milk Matte Leggings
Sandals: Crocs

Saturday December 12


Okay, so this is where I confess that I felt sick on Saturday, so Jack and I had a pyjama day. Pyjamas did not involve Christmas outfits, so we had a day off.













Sunday December 13


Yeah, this one is totally Elsa inspired. 


Outfit Details

 Leggings: Black Milk Clothing Snowflake leggings (in the museum now, sorry)
Honeycub (now closed 🙁 )


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