Time capsule: Bridge Café Macksville

I feel like I’ve done a thousand trips down the highway between Sydney and Brisbane in the last six or seven years, but every single time I’ve missed the opportunity to stop at the Bridge Café in Macksville. I’d heard rumours of the place from my vintage-loving mates; they said it was all original fittings and had been there since the 60s.

Macksville is a sleepy country town, but I feel like it’s slightly less sleepy than the towns that the highway doesn’t wind through. It’s around the halfway point between Brisbane and Sydney, and so I always missed it because we’d either go slightly past to Kempsey and stop for the night, or be departing Kempsey in the wee hours of the morning and be too early for their opening hours. On my last trip down, I purposely timed getting away from Brisbane so I’d be at Macksville by lunch.

Bridge Café interior 2

It was sweltering hot, I woke up at 3am to set off with an eye infection, I was travelling along, and vintage don’t make for the best road trip outfits. so I have a sum total of 1 photo of myself which doesn’t include the café, which is a little sad. But photos aside, it was well worth stopping. The service wasn’t the greatest, but the menu is old fashioned, the milkshake was giant and delicious, the toasted sandwich was yummy, and the original décor was heartwarming. I hope they don’t ever get pressured to modernise as the fittings are 100% the Bridge Cafés greatest charm.

The biggest disappointment for me was that the lady serving wasn’t super friendly, even when I gushed about how excited I was to go there. I’d been hoping to get a chance to speak to the owners about the cafés history because aside from the odd whisper from a friend or two, I hadn’t been able to find much information before my trip.

Bridge Café tablesBridge Café Counter

There’s also a really great antiques centre around the corner for the vintage collectors among you. And a word to the wise: antique prices in the country are a million times more reasonable than in the city, so stop if you can!

If you’re doing the Brisbane to Sydney run and come through this little town between 830am-4pm it’s definitely worth stopping to stretch your legs and grab a bite here and then head around the corner to the Macksville antique centre.

Macksville Antique CentreMe in Macksville

Bridge Café
12 River Street
Macksville, NSW
8:30am – 4pm 

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