Kiss the Girl


When I went to Disneyland for the first time in 2015, I spent months before planning the perfect Disneybound outfits. Since then, for some reason my wardrobe has exploded with Disney-themed or styled outfits. A little while ago I even did an entire week of Little Mermaid themed outfits, and I have plans in the works for other weeklong Bounds (March is Beauty and the Beast month folks!!)

Seams Nostalgic Skirt
Kiss the Girl

My favourite thing about these outfits was the small details like my charm bracelet in the outfit below (which is from the kid’s section of the gift shop next to Ariel’s Grotto at Disneyland), and the ‘Kiss the Girl’ hair bow from the outfit above (from Hot Topic, but they no longer sell this style).

Flounder bracelet

These outfits were entirely sourced from my existing wardrobe and most are not available any more, but at the bottom of the post, I’ve added links to anything still on sale just in case, and I’m always happy to get an email from you if you want to do as I sometimes do, and hunt down past season stock on eBay and Facebook sales.

Ariel Watercolour TShirt

I have many, many more Little Mermaid themed outfits and clothes than I’ve shared here, so make sure you keep following to see them.

Black Milk Ursula Dress

Outfit Details

Ariel watercolour t-shirt (similar) Hot Topic
Ursula Shell Necklace Hot Topic

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