Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! For the better part of 2016, my friend Kate and I worked on a plan, designed, built, and uploaded (okay, so Kate did 99.99% of the work outside planning) to get the new Little Red off the ground.

So, what’s changed?

Well, aside from the obvious layout and setup here, and the dropping of ‘retro’ from the name, there are a couple of things I’ve added:

  • I was frustrated about not being able to post about cosplay and other non-retro aspects of my life, so we dropped ‘Retro’ from my blog name and have made cosplay a part of my writing here. I’ll also be adding more lifestyle-related posts too
  • I moved house, my upstairs neighbours (my folks) and Jack moved to another town, and I adopted a Westie boy of my own. Archie’s a MASSIVE part of my life now, so he’s been given his own section of the website. I will not be writing from his POV however, if you want to see me do that (poorly), follow his Instagram @whereisarchiesleeping
  • While I’d been adamant I’d keep my cooking and food blog separate from my other writing (mainly because I was super attached to Choc Mint Cupcake), I realised part of the reason I had trouble keeping up with both of my blogs in the past was because they both had similar posting schedules and it was just too much work for something that doesn’t pay much. My posts at Choc Mint were moving more in the vintage direction anyway, so I made the decision to combine the two. You’ll now find the Retro Cooking Project and all my other baking here in one place!

There is still a bit of behind the scenes work to be done, so if you’re viewing any posts before 2017, please forgive any odd formatting while we work to pull existing content in-line with the new. There are also some logistics to be worked out for Archie’s section, so bear with me while we play around with what works.

Thanks for visiting, and please don’t forget to comment and share if you like something I’ve written, or have something specific you’d like to see. Your feedback helps me to provide interesting content that you want to see. You can also email me at littleredwrites[@]gmail.com

Above picture taken by Senergy Photography

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