Archie’s first shoot with Hairypants

There’s a special connection between pets and their owners. It’s in the way they look at you, or get excited when you come home, or how focused they are on you (when you don’t have food in your hand).

Kelly, who runs Hairypants Photography is a special person because she sees that special connection and manages to capture it in the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably seen a couple of photos floating around of our family Hairypants shoot with Jack from a couple of years ago. I love the photos so much that I knew I’d be going back to Kelly when Archie moved in with me. I talked to Kelly before the shoot about making it look similar but different to Jack’s so that any images we got printed would work at both my parents’ place and mine. It’s why I’m wearing a similar dress and the colours are nice and complementary across the two different shoots. Here’s one of me and Jack from the first shoot:

Compared to Jack, who sat exactly where we asked him to and looked exactly where we wanted, Archie was a difficult model. But Archie reacts differently to situations to Jack and for being thrown in the car for a long drive, to a place he’s probably never been before, and asked to sit still when there’s treats and squeaky toys and things to smell, he did beautifully.Kelly is amazing that she managed to capture many, many more beautiful moments than I thought we’d had that afternoon while he barked in my face, forgot how to sit and stay on command and told me that under no uncertain terms, did he want to be picked up and put on my knee. While I love many things about Kelly and her work, one of the things I love the most is that she is cheerful and patient, even when dog (and owner) are getting tired and frustrated.

After the shoot, Kelly gets that owners are super excited and want to see pictures (and I think she gets excited about the images too!) and she pops a few sneak peaks onto her Facebook page pretty much a day later, which is awesome. And then around a week later, you go around to Kelly’s house, get a few pats with her dog, Henry Hairypants himself, and view your photos.You start with a slideshow viewing of all the best images and then you get to sort through proofs to make your final selections. That’s the hard part because I of course, wanted them all.

I know many people do shoots these days and the main aim is having images you can show off on social media. I of course do that a lot, but I also love printed photos. Another aspect of Kelly’s service is the printed images. She’s clearly worked very hard to find a printer that makes her images look the best, and you can order small prints or giant, beautiful wall art. I ordered a couple of basic prints and when I buy my own place, will definitely be going back for the wall hangings.

In a coming blog post, you’ll get to hear a little bit more from Kelly about Hairypants and her unique way of seeing pets and their owners. You’ll also see some more photos from our shoot, so make sure you come back and visit!

(*Both of my dresses are from Hell Bunny. My gorgeous Westie umbrella is from the San Francisco Umbrella Company)

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