When you’re good to mama

Up until a year ago, I suffered from stage fright. Not just nerves in public speaking or a little fear of getting on stage. No, this was proper, debilitating stage fright that was trauma-induced. But, the story of how and why is one for another day.

I’ve been back to regular performing for just over a year now and have been picking up gigs here and there, but when I was asked if I had anything for Fierce – After Dark — an adults only, dark, moody, sexy gig — I told the producer I’d have to pass. The producer happens to also be my dance teacher, Malakeh. While we were working on a class performance for the same gig, we learned some choreo from Chicago and I confessed it’s one of my favourite shows, Malakeh challenged me to have a go at singing ‘When you’re good to Mama,’ at Fierce.

It wasn’t my favourite idea (Malakeh says I looked at her like she had three heads when she suggested it), but I decided that if she thought I could do it, I’d give it a go.

And I’m so glad I did. Everything just came together with the act, like nothing ever really has for me before. I think you can see how much fun I was having on stage from the photos that Beth from Tidal Creations  took on the night.

I don’t usually write blog posts with a moral, but for me, there is definitely a moral to this (very short) post: being challenged is hard and you may have to stretch yourself, but wow, it feels great when you succeed.


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