Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo

As a certified crazy dog Mumma, I’m always looking for pet events. I like buying fun stuff for Archie, love a bargain and any expo that lets humans and their pets get out and about is good in my book.

My fellow crazy dog Mumma and I elected to leave our dogs at home, because we both have the very special job of sharing our houses with anxious rescues. I was worried about how he’d handle the number of people and also he’s not great on leash when he gets stressed. The dogs that I did see at the expo were really well behaved, but I’m still glad that Archie spent the day at home.

There wasn’t as much to see and do as I expected, and I was surprised to see brands that I follow (or Archie follows) on social media absent from the day. It was a bit disappointing because I’d gone with a shopping list for Archie’s birthday and only managed to get one thing which was just a plain old Kong. I did discover a new brand, Big and Little Dogs, who have the most aesthetically please leash, collars, and harnesses I’ve seen anywhere and they also have an adorable spokesdog called Chase. I’m especially happy because there aren’t many dog brands that sell the three combo and I’m a matchy-matchy person, I like my boy to be coordinated. I am desperately waiting for them to release their new harnesses and you can bet Archie will be showing his off when they arrive!

The atmosphere was really good. It reminded me why I love being with animal people — because everyone asks before they touch a dog, and I heard lots of parents telling kids to ask first too. But I was really disappointed that the MC at the Dock Dogs pool said some derogatory things in his commentary (I was prepared to let ‘sheila’ slide, but when he started talking about wet t-shirt competitions while a teenage girl was training her dog in the dock, I was out).

My favourite part of the day (and also least favourite), were the rescues showing off how wonderful they are for potential families. I wanted to take every single one of them home with me, and also wanted to get back to cuddle Archie immediately. I was happy to see people asking lots of questions and am sure some of the puppers and kitties at the show would have gone home with loving owners. But if you’re in Queensland, this little girl, Pixie, is beautiful and sweet and is at the Wacol RSPCA waiting for you:

My fellow dog mumma and I both have worked in events (her much more than me) and we had a great time, but thought there were still things to be done to improve the show. But really, it was all about the rescues, so here’s another picture of Pixie for you…

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