How to Disneybound: Frozen week coming soon

When I started sharing pictures of my Mrs Banks Disneybound, I had a couple of comments and messages from non-cosplay friends who said they’d love to start Bounding, but didn’t really knowwhere or how to start.

Disneybounding, which is dressing in outfits that are a nod to characters, started as a way for adults to dress as their favourite characters when visiting a Disney property. But it’s spread a bit and is something I love to do as much as possible. I’m always a bit surprised when people talk about not knowing where to start, but I guess as a cosplayer, I’ve been looking movie and TV stills or illustrations and interpreting costumes for a long time. Disneybounding just feels like a less intense version of that.

I’m working on another full seven days of Bounds, similar to my Mermaid week a little while ago. The next round will be Frozen and because I’m a ways off organised (seven outfits is a LOT), I thought I’d share some tips for Disneybounding.

1. Pinterest

So much of my planning these days begins with Pinterest and with Disneybounding, there’s always a lot of results when you search. There are lots of places online to look for Bounding inspiration, like and pinning them can help you save all your inspiration in one place which is especially good when it comes to working out what you have in your wardrobe and what you need to buy!

My Pinterest board for Disneybounding can be found by clicking here and if you’d like to collaborate and add your own pins to the board, leave me a comment below with your Pinterest username so I can add you!!

2. Work with what you have

Similar to my Cosplay on a budget post, when it comes to Disneybounds I definitely suggest working with what you already have in your wardrobe. Look at the character’s colours, for example, Elsa is obviously teal/blue, and then see what you have to match. Usually, with Disneybounding, it’s the combination of colours (say, dark blue and purple for Anna), that are the best way of nodding to the characters. But you can also add accessories, like a carrot necklace to a white dress, to help with character association.

I definitely have green pants and a purple cardi, so I’m looking forward to doing a more vintage look based on the below from

3. Shop solid colours

I wish my love of novelty prints would die down a little so I can heed this advice, because I know it’s good. If you’re a Disneyfan, when you’re shopping for wardrobe colours, buy things in solid colours. Pastel blue, yellow, purple, and green will give you a good start on characters, but I also look for plain navy or red tops and cardigans, bright scarves without patterns. Every one of these things I buy is easy to wear everyday, but also work perfectly for Disneybounds. is a great online retailer to search for colour block staples for Bounds because they have a search by colour option and are almost always on sale! My Mrs Banks coat comes from there and it was fast and cheap and I love it! 

You can also shop with retailers like Unique Vintage, who, given their proximity to Disneyland, do a lot of Disney-inspired collections. They also produce the most amazing lookbooks, like this recent one which was all about park-friendly bounds (including comfy shoes)!

4. Make lists

I use my Bullet Journal to make a Disneybound list. I write down characters, the items I already have and what I need. Usually when I’m planning, I’ll do a search and work out if there is anywhere I can buy the things I need or to try and work out what materials I might need to craft things. All of this goes on the list. Because I plan costumes and Bounds so far in advance, Bullet Journal lists are the perfect way to keep all my notes together.

5. Think outside the box

Princesses are easy (and fun), but I think it’s also fun to be clever about the characters you portray. For Frozen week, I’m definitely doing a couple of Anna and Elsa outfits, but they’re two characters and I’ve got seven days to fill! So I’ll be looking at Olaf, Sven, and maybe even the trolls too. 

When I say think outside the box, I also mean to not always think of daywear Disneybounds. I’ve seen so many amazing Bounds of people doing swimwear, or ball gowns, or different styles and eras. For my Frozen Bounds, I am feeling the Kristoff activewear from below — it really appeals to my winter ‘work from home’ aesthetic.

It’ll be a couple of weeks before I’m ready to show off my Frozen Bounds, but make sure you follow me on Instagram to see them as they happen – selfies always go there first!


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