Couples dressing

Yes, I mean doggo/Ma couples dressing

It’s inevitable in any relationship, that a couple will start coordinating their wardrobes… especially when one member of the couple is a dog who has no say in how his Ma dresses him.

We did a little trial run of the couples dressing back in Archie’s first few weeks here for Halloween, but when I was interviewed for This Retro Life Podcast, Kia noted that my little love needed many, many more matching outfits. So, I decided to start by showing off our TV night (and frankly, given how much I work from home, everyday) lounge wear finest for Monday night, Game of Thrones night.

The idea was hatched while  was on holiday and Mum and I went shopping for an outfit for Archie to wear to his daycare’s pyjama party. We found a super cute sweater that said Game of Bones, mum bought it and we couldn’t even get it on Jack who is about half the size of Archie.

After weeks of searching, I manged to find FuzzYard’s Game of Bones t-shirt, which wasn’t as warm as the sweater would have been, but suits Archie’s colour better and was a lot lighter meaning he’ll get more wear out of it. In some of the pictures, it looks a bit small, and I probably could have sized him up from the recommended size three for a Westie because Archie is on the bigger side of his breed. But he has a real tendency to tuck his bum into jumpers and things so they end up really pulling down around the neck and stretching at the arms. I haven’t worked out an alternative yet, so if anyone else has advice to stop this from happening, I’d love to hear.

As you can see, he also was pretty impressed toget a bonus Pupcorn toy too.

For me, I have a couple of Game of Thrones-related t-shirts already, but being that we were snuggling up on a winter night to watch our favourite show, and lots of places are talking about Christmas in July, I got out my ‘Let it Snow’ ugly Christmas sweater.

This was a Christmas gift that I hadn’t worn given that it’s thick and warm, so I was happy to be warm and be able to couples dress with Archie. Because the sweater was a gift, I’m not actually sure where it came from, but if you want a punny Game of Thrones sweater of your own, a quick Google will yield a few results (including this Ho, Ho, Hodor one that I might need).

I realise that I didn’t get any great photos of the two of us modelling our outfits, but with Archie’s “best view” being from behind and the fact that he just wanted to look at me and play, it was really hard. But I like the photos anyway, I think they show off how much we love each other, and how he makes me laugh everyday.

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