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I’m doing some pretty hardcore saving at the moment; tracking my spending with an app, cutting back on eating out, show tickets, and, of course, clothes. It’s mostly because I want to not have a freak out whenever my big bills arrive, and to not have any stressful days of penny counting, but also because I’d love to be able to stop renting sooner rather than later.

Part of tracking what you’re spending is that you really have to question why you’re buying the ‘want’ items rather than ‘need.’ Interrogating why I bought two coffees in one day (boredom) or if I really needed to buy buttons and lace at Spotlight for my Mrs Banks costume (nope, never sewed the buttons on), or that beautiful hat I got at Greazefest yesterday (I’ll show you later).  Life isn’t very fun without the little luxuries like a coffee out every now and then or having some things to craft with, but watching what I’m spending is definitely helping me work out what’s important.

And Lush bath bombs and face masks are my most important luxury.

I didn’t become a proper Lushie until I switched over to using only cruelty free cosmetics a few years ago. Lush is a safe place for me to shop, where I don’t have to check the Choose Cruelty Free List every time I pick up a new product, and where the only thing I had to check labels for is banana and mango (I’m allergic so no Oatifix mask or  Never Mind the Ballistics bombs). I got obsessed with bath bombs and pretty quickly turned into a person who always had to have at least three in the cupboard at all times.

When I moved out of the granny flat at my parents’ house, where I had the best bath in the entire world, I decided that finding a rental with a tub was a non-negotiable. The bath in my current place isn’t the best, but with bath bombs, candles, and something trashy to watch on my iPad or a good book, it doesn’t matter that it’s not the most luxurious of tubs. Baths cure a multitude of ailments: they help when I’m sore, they relax me when I’m anxious (the last big anxiety attack I had ended with me eating French Fries in the tub), they help me sleep, and they’re just nice whenever I feel like a bit of pampering.

The nice smelling, pretty colours, unique, and fun bath bombs really help with that. I’m one of the girls who likes to rush to my local Lush whenever a holiday rolls around (bummed I missed the Mother’s Day ones though), have a mix of my holiday favourites and my all the time loves (Creamy Candy!), get excited when it’s cold enough for melts to come back… the list goes on.

I’m a bit the same with face masks. I always think I have a favourite, and then I go in to get a new pot and find my favourite out of stock and try something different. I’ve gone from Love Lettuce to BB Seaweed and then settled on Ayesha (which was the best because I could use it to calm my dermatitis). All of them leave my skin feeling soft and clean, and they’ve become an essential part of the bath routine for me. I am pretty upset though, that Ayesha is being retired from Lush’s product lines along with a lot of other favourites (I cry for the Frozen bath bomb).

Christmas in July was a recent holiday launch at Lush, so I got myself a Golden Wonder and a Shoot for the Stars bomb and a pot of the brand new, self-preserving Mask of Magnaminty  (which I’ve decided is an acceptable alternative to Ayesha) and came home to run myself a hot bath. Two days in a row. The Shoot for the Stars was my favourite out of these two bombs and I’m already counting the days until the real Christmas release so I can stock up.

I’m pretty sure that I can live without the coffees out and even (maybe) the new dresses, but I definitely cannot live without my Lush.

How about you? What are your favourites from Lush? Which item are you going to miss the most from Lush’s Wave Goodbye list? And the big one: what luxury items could you give up?

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