To Archie, one year later …

To my boy on our adoptiversary,

One year ago, you came to live with me.

I’m not sure if you loved me then, but you were excited. The car door opened and you jumped in without hesitating. All the way home, while you slept, I looked in the rear vision mirror at every red light and said: ‘It’s just you and me buddy. From here on in, it’s just the two of us,’ while all the time, not quite believing that you were mine.

It hasn’t been easy, but at the end of it all — dog attacks, anxiety, cancer — it’s been just the two of us.

I love your fluffy face, your attitude, and your selective cuddles. I like the way you snore and how your bark during the day is loud and tough and scary, but in your sleep, it’s high-pitched and gives me a sense of what you sounded like when you were a puppy.

I love that you’re the same whether I’ve had a bad day or a good day (though a few more cuddles on a bad day wouldn’t go astray). Your new habit of waking me up around 4am by crying and pretending you need to go out when you really just want to sleep in my bed is annoying. The broken doggy door that cost 200 bucks wasn’t appreciated, and the angst over how much you’re crying when I’m out is hard, but I wouldn’t swap any of it to go back to life before you.

Here’s the thing: you might have needed a new family, but I needed you too.

Happy Gotcha Day little boy. Thanks for choosing me as your person.

Love Ma.


Beautiful images by Jill Kerswill Photography. If you’d like Jill to shoot you and your fur baby, you can take advantage of her skills and help her support Best Friends Rescue. Contact Jill via her Facebook for more details

Archie’s harness and leash by Big and Little Dogs, my outfit from Black Milk Clothing with earrings by Exploding Plastic.


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