Dress yourself for Christmas

Way back when I really started blogging in earnest, I did my first “stunt” and dressed in Christmas-themed outfits from December 1-25. It was fun, challenging, and didn’t really work because I saved the best outfits for all the fun of the week before Christmas, which meant I was posting my last week on… well, December 28.

In the two years since I did that challenge, my Christmas wardrobe has increased exponentially, and, there are more and more of you embracing the beautiful, tacky, incredible, Christmas dressing trend. So, I thought I would, as a learned master of themed attire, share with you some of my 2017 top picks for themed dressing.

Dresses to put you in the spirit

Lindy Bop has just been going from strength-to-strength lately. They have gone from being a bit of a cheap knock-off brand to 100% my preferred retro brand. Their shipping from the UK is SUPER FAST (my dress for my uni competition was ordered Thursday and arrived Tuesday morning), and even at full price, their dresses are affordable.

The Christmas collection is super cute. The top of my list was the baking print Audrey, because obviously, I am a big Christmas baker. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on this style because my size is gone, but if there’s a restock before Christmas, that baby is mine. Or maybe, I’ll buy it in the ‘Dawn’ style.

The Christmas Deer print is also adorable, and I think it’s subtle enough to be a year-round choice so you wouldn’t be limited to wearing it for 25 (ish) days a year. I’m featuring the Audrey version here, but it also comes in an ‘Dawn’ which has a crossover front.

Lindy Bop is currently having a pre-Black Friday sale, so some lines are reduced. You can sign up to their email newsletter to be notified of their sales in case EVERYTHING goes on sale later this week. But, given the amazingness of their sales, I highly recommend you just sign up in general.

You need a novelty (bag)

I am a novelty bag tragic, so this sparkly Betsey Johnson “Spruce Me Up” Christmas tree bag from Unique Vintage is a must-have this year. I’ve just done a wardrobe clean out and if I sell enough to cover the conversion from USD to AUD and shipping, this baby is coming to live with me (even if it doesn’t arrive before Christmas).

And what’s great is UV is having a huge Black Friday sale. So click to have a look at the bag and stay for the deals. Enter YAY25 at checkout to get 25% of EVERYTHING.

Ya gotta have a hat

I also love a good Christmas headpiece. My office-job workmates are always asking about what I’ll be wearing to our two Christmas functions, and this year, while I am not wearing a Christmas outfit, since ASOS provided the gift of a Black Friday sale (code WIN20 at checkout), that AMAZING(ly tacky) turkey dinner headpiece in the collage above is currently winging its way to me.

 So, what are your best picks for Christmas outfits? Do you dress from head-to-toe in theme? Let me know in the comments below!

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