Closet(ish) cosplay: Cinderella’s house dress

When I was cosplaying a lot, I like to try and alternate big, labour-intensive costumes with more simple, closet ones. Gold Coast Supanova in April always sneaks up on me, so it was usually the con for playing around with costumes built around a few simple outfit pieces and this Cinderella house dress costume was one of these.

Single with dog: Road trips and rest stops

When I first got Archie, I spent a lot of time looking for blogs from pet owners who were solo parenting. I wanted to know how other singles handled things like dog-sitters and holidays and some of the particular challenges that are unique to solo-human pet families. I couldn’t find many, if any blogs and at the time, I thought nothing of it. But in the year we’ve lived together, some of the challenges I’ve been wondering about, and lots more, have popped up and I feel like if I’m dealing with them, someone else out there is too.

70s Salmon for New Year’s Eve

I usually skip New Year’s Eve. I don’t like to party, live too far from the city to be bothered with the crowds and the difficulties getting home via public transport or finding an Uber (or Shebah). But I do like having my friends over, planning a menu, drinking cocktails that haven’t cost me $15 a glass. So, to kiss 2017 goodbye, I planned a relaxed 70s-themed cocktail party with a few friends.