Closet(ish) cosplay: Cinderella’s house dress

When I was cosplaying a lot, I like to try and alternate big, labour-intensive costumes with more simple, closet ones. Gold Coast Supanova in April always sneaks up on me, so it was usually the con for playing around with costumes built around a few simple outfit pieces and this Cinderella house dress costume was one of these.

I based the costume off the scene where Cinderella is scrubbing the floors and singing Sing Sweet Nightingale. I feel like it’s important to note here that while popular opinion among those who know me is that Ariel is my favourite princess, Cinderella is actually my number one and I was really excited to do a costume from the classic movie after dressing in her 2015 gown a few months earlier.

Mamar Dynamite ran me up a light brown skirt, and I found the brown wool jumper at an op shop for $6 —  an awesome find!

The blue undershirt is from Uniqlo, my wig from Arda wigs, and the basket from Kmart. I made the bandana from fabric scraps in my sewing basket, and the apron, which I know isn’t like the one from the reference image, was inherited from Nan.

All in all it cost about $60 to make this costume and it was really comfy to wear (if a little hot for Queensland in April) I’m really happy with how the whole costume came together, with the most expensive thing being the wig and the blue undershirt. When I get back to cosplaying in the future, I’d really like to do more princesses in their ‘everyday’ clothes.

I’d love to hear if you’ve done any budget cosplays? And what are your thoughts on doing the lesser known outfits of your favourite characters?

Photos on this page by Pandom Images

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