The budget diaries

So I’m doing this thing.This thing where I attempt to do a few big things that involve saving money. A lot of money for a single income household.

In some ways, this makes blogging really hard. Blogging 101 is that before you have a certain amount of visibility, the way you make a place for yourself in this world is to buy stuff. Buy stuff, take pictures of yourself using and wearing products, and interact with people who like those brands and the brands themselves. Spend money to make money.

I’ve always been a bit behind in terms of this because I just can’t bring myself to spend the amount of money needed to make the impact. I gave up pageants and then I became less interested in always dressing in the 50s pinup style which means I’ve left the Brisbane pinup scene’s public eye, and so on.

But I’ve realised that my blogging strength is that I’m not strictly a food, fashion, retro, or cosplay blogger, it’s in the fact that this is a blog about a real life, and therefore, the subject matter switches focus as my life switches focus. So here I am, slightly switching focus.

What does this mean?

I’m cutting out a lot of stuff this year to achieve my dreams. I’ve had a lot of friends already mention that they don’t know how to get budget motivated, that they don’t have the strength to cut out this and that, and that they worry that a life of denial becomes a life of depression. So I’ve decided to chronicle the ins and outs of this period and see if I can motivate others to my level of determination, track my ups and downs, and keep myself accountable.

Nothing much will change around here except that when I’m talking about my budget, I’ll add a percentage that I’ve saved towards my goals. You might see slightly fewer cosplay and outfit posts, but I won’t be stopping these altogether. For this very first post I’ve saved 10% of my goal.

What are your goals?

My goal is security, really. There are a few big things I need to do this year, but I guess the main one for the purpose of this blog is to save a deposit for a house. I like where Archie and I live right now, but increasingly, the inflexibility of renting — no painting or hanging things on the walls if there aren’t already hooks there, living with the chipping board in the bathroom and the stupid gap between the oven and the bench, and, worst of all, the neighbours who park across the laneway and block me from getting in and out of my own garage (not to mention body corporate who won’t do anything about it because I’m just a renter).

But I’d also like to get to a point where life is more comfortable. By comfortable, I definitely don’t mean buy the level of stuff needed to become blog famous (lol, never gonna happen). I mean that I’ll have the money to cover a big car service, or a vet bill without having to live off noodles for a month to cover it (that being said, I don’t mind noodles).

Learning to stop buying coffees and food to fill time (yep, something I do ALL the time), be mindful of what I’m spending, and really value what I have, should help me achieve this. Fingers crossed.

I’d love to know what your budgeting tips are? And what are you saving for? What will you NOT compromise on when saving?

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