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Hello from limbo

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Hi, friends. It’s been a while.I’ve been here, drafting posts and not releasing them, trying to do challenge months on Instagram and giving up at day 20, baking the cutest sprinkle biscuits you ever saw and forgetting to take photos before I fed them to my students. I’ve fallen into a sort of apathy, which is partly because I’ve retired from 90% of my hobbies for a while, but it’s also because I am waiting for so many big life things to fall into place.

Here are a few things I’ve been doing to get through this limbo life


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Yes, I retired from pageants a while back, but there’s been a bit of a revolution on the old pageant circuit in the last couple of months and there’s been some positive changes. I wanted to support the changes AND see if I could do a couple of shows but stick to my budget (so trying to use things from my closet rather than needing to buy a new pageant outfit). So I’ve been in the very fun Miss Real Steel at Samford Museum, and I’ve got two upcoming shows, a protest appearance at the culturally appropriating tiki pageant at Greazefest and then Miss Vintage Kiss, which is a fundraiser for Liptember.



I went down to Tasmania to do some final bits of research for my upcoming thesis submission. I got the chance to tour Riawanna at UTas; spoke to some wonderful people about country, culture, and community; and got to drive around and explore my beautiful former home state.

Mickey Starling_Perth riverfront

I got to wear some cute AF winter outfits like coats and berets, coloured tights (so great with my 3/4 or short legged pants), and spend a lot of time prancing around pretty places with my tripod taking wanky selfies. If I lived in Tassie, 90% of my blog images would be shot in the river spot above, which is my favourite place in the entire world and is beautiful 365 days a year, no matter the season.

Mickey Starling Hadleys Orient

In Hobart, I stayed in the most wonderful hotel, Hadley’s Orient, which is a Victorian Era hotel that was restored to reflect the history, with lots of modern creature comforts (like a spa in my room!). There were so many authentic touches (the best turn down service I’ve ever had), and I can’t wait to book another trip to Hobart so I can stay there again.

Mickey Starling_Hadleys Orient

It’s really hard for someone who is trying to save for a house and who would ideally like to live in a renovated cottage to drive around and see places like this (and these aren’t even the cutest houses I saw). One day I’ll move back to Tassie. One day.



Writing, writing, writing. My thesis isn’t due until Easter 2019, but I’d like to submit it before the end of this coming semester so I’ve been working my little butt off. I’ve started a ko-fi account so that anyone who feels like shouting me a much-needed final six months of research coffee can kick me a few bucks. You can find my page here.

And speaking of writing, time for me to get back to it…

Mickey Starling Hadleys Orient

Most of the images on this page are selfies! With the exception of my Miss Vintage Kiss image which was taken by Say CheeseCake Photography, and the Miss Real Steel images which were taken by Pandom Images (Paul also took my image in the Miss Tiki Wahini collage)

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