About Me

Hi there, I'm Mel, or, depending on where you meet me, Mickey. I'll answer to both.

I'm a vintage-loving, nerdy fangirl from Brisbane, Australia. I'm a university tutor, a master's candidate, a marketing manager, and a freelance writer and editor. To balance out all the time I spend working, I have a bunch of fun hobbies like cooking and baking, reading, singing and dancing, and hanging out at pop culture and comic conventions and events. I was a regular competitor in Queensland pinup pageants, under the stage name Miss Mickey but semi-retired from competition in 2015. I now go by Mickey Stirling when I perform cabaret numbers at gigs in the Brisbane area.

My blog writing originally started out as two separate sites, one about food writing and baking and the other about living a vintage life, but for a variety of reasons, I've smushed the two together, added a pinch of cosplay and lifestyle writing, given my little dog Archie his very own page, and The Little Red was born.

If you're more interested in my food writing, then make sure you check out my Retro Cooking Project. The Project's all about food memories, recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and restaurants that are trying to capture a retro vibe. But I'm also addicted to SBS Food Network, American food (burgers, mac and cheese, chicken and biscuits), and I'm a bit of an amateur cake and biscuit decorator, so you'll find a good dose of modern stuff here too.

While I'm full of ideas for the blog, I'm open to suggestion, so if you have something you'd like to see here, please make sure you send an email or get in touch via my Facebook page.

If you enjoy the content on my blog, Facebook or Instagram, please consider shouting me a coffee via this amazing page. A couple of bucks for a cuppa goes a long way when you're spending days (and sometimes nights) writing. If you'd prefer your coffee money go towards buying Archie a treat, that's cool too, just make sure you leave me a note with your tip and I'll make sure he gets something great!

If you'd like to talk to me about advertising in my side bar, sponsoring a post, or hiring me as a model or writer, contact me. I'm always interested in collaborating, so please get in touch! With this in mind, please note that some posts on this site do contain affiliate links for which I earn a small commission if you go on to purchase from sites you click through to. Sponsored posts (those posts for which I am paid to speak about a product or service) will always be clearly marked.

Pictures on this page are by Melina Holloway Photography and Hairypants Photography