This here is my housemate, Archie.

Archie's a nine-year-old West Highland White Terrier who came to live with me on the 21st of October 2016, after being fostered for a short time with Westie Rescue Queensland. I don't know much of Archie's story, and he doesn't like to talk about it, but he loves being a part of a one human, one dog family.

When I started looking into adopting a dog, I found there wasn't much advice or information about bringing a dog into a single person household. While having him here is 99.9% joy, there are some challenges that are exacerbated by me being his only person and him being a rescue with some special needs. Because of that, I'll be sharing some posts about Archie's life, some of those challenges, and all of the joys. Archie is also a very discerning, fashionable, food-oriented dog who likes to sample the treats at the best of Brisbane's pet-friendly venues, so I'll be penning some reviews on his behalf.

If you love Archie and want to see me attempt to write from his point of view (I consider it a writing exercise), his Instagram is @whereisarchiesleeping. Don't worry, Instagram captions are about as far as I can stretch writing from a dog's personality, so posts here will be in my voice!

If you have a question about the one dog, one human household lifestyle, or are a company with a product you'd like Archie to test drive, please email us at  (he says to tell you he especially likes sampling treats which are made in Australia and that any money earned from Archie-related sponsorship and advertising will go directly towards Archie's vet and food bills).

Beautiful picture of Archie at the top of this post is from Hairypants Photography