70s Salmon for New Year’s Eve

I usually skip New Year’s Eve. I don’t like to party, live too far from the city to be bothered with the crowds and the difficulties getting home via public transport or finding an Uber (or Shebah). But I do like having my friends over, planning a menu, drinking cocktails that haven’t cost me $15 a glass. So, to kiss 2017 goodbye, I planned a relaxed 70s-themed cocktail party with a few friends.

Too busy to shop…

I love to cook – you guys know that because there’s a whole section of this blog devoted to food. But during the semester, my schedule is so crazy that I find myself more and more reaching for cheese toasties as an option for dinner. Sometimes, I can’t even cheese toastie because when I do have time at home, I want to be hanging out with Archie. I hate ditching him so I can do groceries, and I don’t, as a rule, keep bread in the house (because of the aforementioned cheese toastie addiction).