Lucy’s basic butter cake

When I want to feel connected with my nan, I get out the special recipe book she made me when I first moved out of home and choose something to make. There are dinners and cakes, desserts and slices and lots of things in between. I’ll talk a lot about Nan’s book when I’m writing about food, and I’ll try to share some of her recipes, but I feel a bit precious about them ending up on the internet because they are so special to me. 

Christmas: then and now

It’s Christmas Eve in Australia and I really, really wanted to have this posted much earlier in December. But as always, when the holiday season begins, everything happens all in a rush. While one of my jobs ends in November, the other ramps up in December and sees me out on the road delivering gifts to clients for the better part of the month. When I can catch a day off, I am running from appointment to appointing and squeezing in far too many visits to the crowded shopping centres, racing to have coffees and catch ups with friends, spending endless, endless hours in the kitchen baking, and trying to capture as much of the festive spirit as I can.