Too busy to shop…

I love to cook – you guys know that because there’s a whole section of this blog devoted to food. But during the semester, my schedule is so crazy that I find myself more and more reaching for cheese toasties as an option for dinner. Sometimes, I can’t even cheese toastie because when I do have time at home, I want to be hanging out with Archie. I hate ditching him so I can do groceries, and I don’t, as a rule, keep bread in the house (because of the aforementioned cheese toastie addiction).

Lucy’s basic butter cake

When I want to feel connected with my nan, I get out the special recipe book she made me when I first moved out of home and choose something to make. There are dinners and cakes, desserts and slices and lots of things in between. I’ll talk a lot about Nan’s book when I’m writing about food, and I’ll try to share some of her recipes, but I feel a bit precious about them ending up on the internet because they are so special to me.