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Hello from limbo

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Hi, friends. It’s been a while.

I’ve been here, drafting posts and not releasing them, trying to do challenge months on Instagram and giving up at day 20, baking the cutest sprinkle biscuits you ever saw and forgetting to take photos before I fed them to my students. I’ve fallen into a sort of apathy, which is partly because I’ve retired from 90% of my hobbies for a while, but it’s also because I am waiting for so many big life things to fall into place.

Single with dog: Road trips and rest stops

When I first got Archie, I spent a lot of time looking for blogs from pet owners who were solo parenting. I wanted to know how other singles handled things like dog-sitters and holidays and some of the particular challenges that are unique to solo-human pet families. I couldn’t find many, if any blogs and at the time, I thought nothing of it. But in the year we’ve lived together, some of the challenges I’ve been wondering about, and lots more, have popped up and I feel like if I’m dealing with them, someone else out there is too.