What’s in a name?

Finding the right name to use for pinup/burlesque/cosplay/performing can be really difficult. I know people with amazing stage names that sound like real names (some of whom I don’t even know their real names). I’ve recently changed my stage name to Mickey Starling, which is more in line with the theme and style of my new performance character, but up until the start of 2017, you may have known me by my pinup name, Miss Mickey.

Cinderella 2015 Gown – Cosrea Review

I am not a seamstress. I have a sewing machine and I can sew in a straight line, that’s pretty much it. I’ve made a few things, but nothing that I’m a hundred percent happy with, and after more than a few bungled efforts on expensive fabric (chiffon, I’m looking at you), I now save most of my sewing for making minor repairs or alterations.That’s why, when I missed out on winning the 2015 Cinderella dress, I decided that if I ever wanted to cosplay as Ella, I had to save up and pay for the dress to be made.