When rejection letters hurt

I joke with my students that they should start submitting their work for publication from the first day of their first year at uni. Lots of them ask me why and I explain that, unlike our peers in education, or medicine, or law, we don’t need a piece of paper to be able to start working in the field they’ve chosen to pursue. “But,” I always say, “you also need to submit because you’ve signed up for a life of rejection and the sooner you start racking up the rejection letters/emails, the sooner you can start understanding what it’s like to be a real, working writer.”

Mickey Starling_Hadleys Orient

Hello from limbo

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Hi, friends. It’s been a while.I’ve been here, drafting posts and not releasing them, trying to do challenge months on Instagram and giving up at day 20, baking the cutest sprinkle biscuits you ever saw and forgetting to take photos before I fed them to my students. I’ve fallen into a sort of apathy, which is partly because I’ve retired from 90% of my hobbies for a while, but it’s also because I am waiting for so many big life things to fall into place.